Eternity Earn

What makes Eternity Earn miner better than others?

Eternity Earn is deployed on´s Cronos network, one of the most promising chains in the crypto space. We believe its a great moment to accumulate CRO as it has a great potential and we believe it will be a Top 10 coin in the upcoming months.
Eternity Earn has only got a 5% Grand Reserve fee which will be reinvested in its whole into the ecosystem´s development and marketing to make the project grow. Therefore, team members will make their money from their own investments in the platform, which will force all of us to work hard to sustain and improve the project.
Eternity Earn´s Roadmap is very ambitious. We aim to create a cross chain ecosystem with the miner being the center of it. Our project´s aim is to make Eternity Earn´s miner self-sustainable and non dependent of new users deposits.